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icon04/22/2017 - The Cali Finale 2017

Attending the Cali Finale on a full paid bid, Starstruck did it again!! Another first place win! Division Champs!! Go EE.

icon04/08/2017 - The American Showcase 2017 - Anaheim, CA

Another successful Nationals! We had a great time at the American Showcase! Starstruck brought home the jackets and a First place win! Rising Stars and Obsession placed second! Go EE!!

icon04/02/2017 - Cheersport Phoenix Grand Championships 2017

What a great day for our EE teams at Cheersport Phoenix Grand Championship!

Starlight:  Ending the season with another FIRST place win!!!! Undefeated! Go Starlight!!!

Showstoppers:  This team put on another great performance! 2nd place!! Great job ladies!!

Rising Stars:  FIRST place! Go Rising Stars!!! These little ladies are fearless!!

Obsession:  Third place!  


icon03/04/2017 - Aloha Nationals 2017 - Phoenix, AZ

What a weekend at Aloha Nationals!!! First place for Obsession and Starstruck! Second place for Rising Stars missed first by only 0.04! Starstruck bringing home level 2 Grand Champs and Overall Grand Champs by having the highest score out of the entire competition earning them a full paid bid to Nationals in Hawaii!  Starstruck also received a full paid bid to the U.S. Finals!  These teams are amazing and unstoppable!! So proud of all of you!!

icon03/05/2017 - USA Arizona Open 2017

Congratulations to both of our prep teams, Starlight and Showstoppers! Both teams took first place at the USA Open! Look out AZ!

icon02/18/2017 - Desert Showdown Championship 2017

Two first place wins! Starstruck high point level 2 and Obsession high point level 4! Killin it!!! So proud of both teams!!

icon02/11/2017 - JAMfest Phoenix 2017

What a GREAT day for our EE Family!!!

Starlight: first place
Showstoppers: first place
Rising Stars: first place and level 1 Grand Champions!
Starstruck: first place
Obsession: second place

We couldn't be more proud! All of our teams showed heart and passion and left it all on the floor!! Go Empire Elite!

icon01/28/2017 - GSSA - Arizona Classic 2017

Rising Stars and Starstruck both got FIRST PLACE at their first competition of the season!! Clean sweep for Empire! Great way to start the season!! So proud!

icon04/16/2016 - The American Showcase - Anaheim, CA

The American Showcase - Anaheim, CA Results:

Limelight:  3rd place

Starstruck:  1st place & Judges Choice Award

Perfection:  3rd place 

Nice job Empire!  Great way to end our last Nationals of the season as a family!!  Perfection is off to US Finals in Rhode Island on a full paid bid!!  Good Luck girls!!

icon04/09/2016 - Aloha Nationals 2016 - Las Vegas, AZ

Great weekend at the Aloha Las Vegas Nationals! 2nd and 3rd! Very proud of our athletes! Starstruck was even more fierce day 2! They attacked their routine with confidence and sass! And of course we loved watching Glitter bring that adorable energy and those big smiles to the floor! Proud of both our EE TEAMS!! heart

icon04/02/2016 - Cheersport Phoenix Grand Championship 2016

What a great day for Team Glitter & Team Limelight at Cheersport Phoenix Grand Championship!

Glitter: 2nd place

Limelight: 1st place

Way to go Empire!! 

icon03/09/2016 - Congratulations Team Perfection

Congratulations to team Perfection for making the top 25 list of the US Finals.  The team is ranked 6th in the nation for level 3!!  Nice job ladies, we are so proud of you! heart


icon02/27/2016 - JAMfest Phoenix 2016

Another awesome competition at Jamfest! Our teams were confident and full of energy! They all finished the day with great placements and awards:

Glitter: 1st place

Limelight: 1st place

Starstruck:  2nd place and best choreography.

Perfection: 1st place, Spirit Award, Grand Champions, and a Paid Bid

Go EE!! smiley

icon02/06/2016 - The American Legacy 2016 - Denver, CO

Denver was a BLAST and our teams represented AZ well!!  Results:

Limelight:  2nd Place

Starstruck:  The team holds their undeated title with a 1st place win and earned the Judges Choice Award!  

Perfection:  2nd Place 

What a great weekend for EE!!  

icon01/23/2016 - Aloha Phoenix Nationals 2016 - Phoenix, AZ

Finishing our 2-day Aloha Nationals with three 1st place teams, one 6th place team and 3 premium bids! Such a great weekend! Congratulations Empire heart  Next stop...Denver, CO!!

icon01/16/2016 - WSF Grand Canyon Championship 2016 - Phoenix, AZ

Another successful competition!  Our teams came back stronger and ready to fight on day 2 and it paid off!! Congrats to Starstruck on their first place win at their first competition!!!  All of our teams looked great and made us proud!  Go EE

icon12/20/2015 - JAMZ Diamondback Championship 2015 - Phoenix, AZ

Fabulous first comp, the teams did amazng!!  Limelight 2nd place and Perfection 1st place &
Level 3 grand champions!  Great start to our season!

icon04/12/2015 - US FINALS CHICAGO

Fierce traveled all the way to Chicago on a full paid bid to the US Finals.  They took 3rd out 10 teams.  Awesome job ladies, we are so proud of you!!!

icon03/28/2015 - Red Carpet Classic 2015

First place for Team Glitter!! They did so good! Ending the season with another win!  We heart our tiny team!! 

icon03/21/2015 - Cheersport Phoenix Grand Championship 2015

Final AZ competition of this season and our teams finished strong! Great job ladies!!

Glitter: 2nd
Dream: 2nd
Startstruck: 1st
Fierce: 2nd
Obsession: 1st and level 4 Grand Champs!!

icon03/14/2015 - JAMfest Nationals Long Beach, CA 2015

Clean Sweep at the Long Beach JAMfest Nationals!!! All our teams awarded first place! Fierce bringing home the title of level 3 Grand Champs and Obsession level 4 Grand Champs! Our Double E girls are amazing!! heartheart

icon03/08/2015 - USA Arizona Open 2015

USA Arizona Open was a success!!  Fierce, Dream, and Starstruck brought home first place trophies!  Obsession and Glitter were awarded 2nd place!! You ladies did it again! Next stop Long Beach Nationals!!

icon02/28/2015 - JAMfest Phoenix 2015

JAMfest Phoenix 2015 Results:

Glitter:  1st Place

Dream:  2nd Place and Best Choreography Award

Starstruck:  1st Place, Level 2 Grand Champions and a Full Paid Bid to US Finals

Fierce:  1st Place, Level 3 Grand Champions and a Full Paid Bid to US Finals

Obsession:  1st Place 

Another Great Competition! Congrats to all our teams! Way to represent! smiley

icon02/07/2015 - Aloha Nationals 2015 - Phoenix, AZ

Aloha Nationals 2015 Results:

Dream:  4th Place

Starstruck:  1st Place and Level 2 Grand Champions

Fierce:  1st Place

Obsession:  2nd Place 

Congrats to all our teams on a VERY successful competition weekend at Aloha Nationals!! Your coaches are very proud of you!heart

icon01/17/2015 - WSF Grand Canyon Championship - Phoenix, AZ

WSF Grand Canyon Championships Results:

Dream:  2nd Place

Starstruck:  2nd Place

Fierce:  2nd Place

Empire Elite was also named small gym champion at WSF winning $2000! Awesome job EE!!! 2nd place for all 3 teams! Great first competition!!

icon04/12/2014 - The American Showcase - Anaheim, CA

The American Showcase - Anaheim, CA Results:

Rising Stars:  2nd place

Dream:  3rd place

Glamour:  2nd place

Fame:  2nd place

Fierce:  2nd place

Obsession:  2nd place 

Nice job Empire!  Great way to end our last Nationals of the season as a family!!  Dream, Glamour and Fierce are off to US Finals on full paid bids!!  Good Luck girls!!

icon04/05/2014 - Cheersport Phoenix Grand Championships 2014

Cheersport Phoenix Grand Championships 2014 Results:

Fame:  1st Place

Fierce: 2nd Place

Obsession:  3rd Place

Us coaches couldn't be more proud of you ladies!  Way to leave a lasting impression in AZ!!  Now we are off to The American Showcase in Anaheim, CA for a 2 day Nationals!! 

icon03/29/2014 - JAMfest Nationals Las Vegas 2014

Congrats to all of our teams on their performances at JAMfest Nationals, we are so proud of all of you!!  All of our teams showed a tremendous amount of effort and it showed! Rising Stars were awarded 3rd place, Dream took 2nd place, Glamour was awarded 3rd place, Fame received 3rd place, Fierce received 4th place, and Obsession took 2nd place.  Empire Elite was also awarded with the sportsmanship award. Way to go EE!!

icon03/09/2014 - Arizona Open 2014

Congratulations to all of our level 1 & 2 teams on their awesome performances at USA's Arizona Open. 

Rising Stars:  3rd Place

Dream:  1st Place

Glamour:  3rd Place

Fame:  3rd Place

Can't wait to see all of you take the floor at JAMfest Nationals in Las Vegas!  heart you girls!!

icon03/01/2014 - JAMfest Phoenix 2014

This past weekend was a great weekend for Empire and I would like to congratulate all of our teams for their performances at JAMfest.  Rising Stars placed 1st.  Dream and Glamour placed 1st, were named Grand Champions and were awarded a paid bid to US Finals.  Fierce placed 2nd.   AWESOME JOB LADIES, WE ARE SUPER PROUD OF ALL OF YOU!!  smiley  Next...USA Arizona Open for level 1 & 2 teams!! 

icon02/08/2014 - Aloha Nationals 2014 - Phoenix, AZ

What an awesome weekend for EE at the Aloha Nationals! Thank you all for coming out and supporting our teams! Below are the final placements:

Rising Stars: 3rd place
Dream: 1st place and a 1st place bid
Glamour: 1st place and a 1st place bid
Fierce: 1st place, Grand Champions, and a paid bid to US FINALS.
Fame: 2nd place

Way to go ladies!!  Keep up the hard work!!  Can't wait to see what you bring to JAMfest on March 1st!! 



icon01/18/2014 - UCA Cactus Cup 2014 - Cave Creek, AZ

UCA Cactus Cup 2014 Results:

Rising Stars: 1st place and Innovative Choreograpy Award
Dream: 2nd place
Glamour: 3rd place
Fame:  2nd place
Obsession: 3rd place


CONGRATULATIONS EMPIRE! Can’t wait to see you rock it out at Aloha Phoenix Nationals on February 8th & 9th!

icon01/11/2014 - Spectacular Winter Class Competition 2014 - Phoenix, AZ

Spectacular Winter Classic Competition Results:

Rising Stars: 2nd place
Obsession: 2nd place

Nice job ladies! It was exciting to watch you perform at your first competition of the season!

icon12/07/2013 - UCA Desert Southwest Regionals 2013 - Peoria, AZ

UCA Desert Southwest Regional Competition Results:

Dream: 2nd place
Fame: 3rd place
Fierce: 3rd place

Great job ladies, we are very proud of your performances at your first competition of the season!

icon05/17/2013 - Parent and Team Member Commitment Meeting

Congratulations again on all our team placements!! The 2013-2014 Parent and Team Member Commitment Meeting will be held on Friday, May 17th.

New Members: Friday, May 17th at 7:30 PM

Welcome to Empire!! Please be sure both the member and at least one parent attends this meeting. At the meeting we will be going over the tryout packet and schedules, sizing the girls for shoes and practice attire, collecting team agreements and financial agreement forms (you can find these forms in our tryout packet), a copy of the member’s birth certificate, and collecting the following fees:

-Registration fee: $35

-Uniform Deposit: $160

Returning Members: Friday, May 17th between 4:00 PM & 7:00 PM

Please stop in any time between 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM. You will be receiving a packet with details and schedules for this season for your review, sizing the girls for shoes (all members will be receiving new shoes this year), taking orders for new practice attire (optional), collecting team agreements and financial agreement forms (you can find these forms in our tryout packet), and collecting the following fees:

-Registration Fee: $35

-First Spirit Pack Payment: $160

Please let me know if you have any questions. Just a reminder that all of our summer intensive, stunt camp, and choreography camp dates are listed in our tryout packet, please mark your calendars in advance. I look forward to seeing you at the meeting!!

icon04/20/2013 - Encore Championship 2013 - San Diego, CA

Encore Championship 2013 - San Diego, CA Results:

Rising Stars: 3rd place
Dream: 3rd place
Starstruck: 2nd place
Fierce: 3rd place, Encore Spotlight Award for Best Pyramid
Epic: 7th place

Great Job Empire!!  We had so much fun with you ladies in San Diego!! 

icon04/14/2013 - Cheersport Phoenix Grand Championship 2013

Cheersport Phoenix Grand Championship 2013 Results:

Glitter: 3rd place
Rising Stars: 1st place
Dream: 1st place
Starstruck: 3rd place
Fierce: 2nd place
Epic: 2nd place

Way to go EE!!  We are so proud of your last Arizona competition of the season!  Next:  Encore San Diego!! 

icon03/17/2013 - JAMfest National Series 2013 – Long Beach, CA

JAMfest National Series Results:

Rising Stars: 3rd place
Dream: 3rd place
Starstruck: 2nd place
Fierce: 1st place, Grand Champions and a full paid bid to US Finals
Epic: 1st place and s
portsmanship award

We are sooo proud of all our teams! What an amazing weekend!! Way to represent AZ!! GO EE!!!!


icon03/10/2013 - USA Arizona Open

We decided to have a day just about our tiny team...our adorable team Glitter had so much fun and took 4th place. Thank you Empire for all your support!!

icon03/03/2013 - Aloha Las Vegas 2013

Fierce put on an amazing performance in Vegas and got 2nd place! We couldn’t be more proud of you ladies!!

icon03/02/2013 - JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 2013 – Phoenix, AZ

JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Results:

Rising Stars: 2nd place
Dream: 1st place, Grand Champions and full paid bid to US Finals
Starstruck: 1st place
Fierce: 1st place
Epic: 1st place

Cactus Jam was a huge success!! Way to go EE!! Your hard work has paid off! Fierce is headed to Vegas tonight for Aloha Las Vegas. Good Luck Fierce!! You ladies are AMAZING!

icon02/09/2013 - Aloha Phoenix 2013

Aloha Phoenix 2013 Results:

Glitter: 3rd place
Rising Stars: 5th place
Dream: 2nd place
Starstruck: 2nd place
Fierce: 1st place, Division Champions and full paid bid to Aloha Las Vegas
Epic: 2nd place

CONGRATULATIONS EMPIRE! Can’t wait to see Fierce rock it out at Aloha Las Vegas on March 3rd!

icon01/26/2013 - COA Desert Sun Challenge 2013 – Phoenix, AZ

COA Desert Sun Challenge Results:

Glitter: 2nd place
Rising Stars: 1st place, Grand Champions and full paid bid to US Finals
Dream: 1st place
Starstruck: 2nd place
Fierce: 3rd place
Epic: 2nd place

WAY TO GO EMPIRE!!  Despite the weather and the problems in the warm up area, our teams rose above the chaos and put amazing routines out on the floor!

icon06/01/2011 - US FINALS RESULTS!

Empire Elite Crowned U.S. Champion!
Did you know that Empire Elite was recently named the U.S. Champion of Cheer and Dance in the Youth level 2 division? It’s true! The U.S. Finals has grown into the single most successful multi-brand cheerleading and dance event in the entire United States attracting nearly 1,700 teams in 2011! The U.S. Finals is an end-of-the-year series of eight events aimed at crowning TRUE CHAMPIONS in all divisions and levels of cheer and dance, giving teams a chance to see where they rank against other teams in their respective divisions from coast to coast and around the world! Out of more than 30,000 participants, the athletes of Empire Elite won it all and are now the reigning U.S. Champs! To see the winning routine and the complete list of Rankings of teams who attended The U.S. Finals, visit

icon04/16/2011 - US FINAL CHAMPIONS!

Congratulations to our teams for a job well done at the US Finals in Las Vegas! Our Youth team was awarded First place and our Senior team Second place!! What a great ending to an AMAZING season!!

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