Ryan Wakefield is a long time Parkour and FreeRunning enthusiast and is very excited about our new EE Parkour program! For those that aren't familiar with parkour and free running, it is losely defined as the art of motion. It teaches one how to overcome obstacles of many kinds and can be transitioned into many different ways of life not only physically but mentally as well. This sport is the fastest growing action sport at this time and has helped revolutionized many other sports. Parkour is considered to be more of the basic movements and is more defined by getting from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible. While free running is where one starts to incorporate there own style and flow including flips, twists, and any other way one chooses to incorporate. This allows one to truly make their own art and personal style to make there own personal movement that they can mold in whatever way they please!


 His love for the sport started in 2005 and has been practicing since then. He has traveled across the country training with both professional and beginning athletes from across the world from Europe to Japan and both South and North American athletes. He has been included in jams and gatherings with pros such as team tempest members including Jessie La Flair, Corey DeMeyers, Michael Frosti Zernow, Brent Steffenson, and more, also team storm athletes such as Pip Anderson, Kie Willis, Phil Doyle, and more! After years of studying this art of movement, becoming affiliated with professionals from all over the world with a wide variety of styles he has learned the techniques and skills that he would love to pass on to the next generation and help grow this sport into the amazing sport it can become!


His classes offer a “structured playtime” approach to parkour training for kids ages 6-18. He incorporates conditioning into games and creative physical activities while  teaching the fundamentals of parkour moves and techniques including jumping and landing, rolling, vaulting, climbing, and falling safely. Ryan has been coaching tumbling, gymnastics, trampoline, martial arts tricking, and parkour since 2012. With this background he has the knowledge to safely teach proper techniques for all aspects of parkour and freerunning no matter the level of the athlete.

Just you wait, we'll have your children running up the walls in no time!


Level 1 – (1 hour class) In this class, students will learn the foundations of parkour: coordination, balance, and spatial and aerial awareness. All that is needed to participate in the beginner class is a positive mindset and a willingness to learn. All of our exercises and skills are scalable, so we can customize them and easily challenge people on an individual basis. Students will gain self confidence, discipline, and awareness all while having fun in a safe environment.


Level 2 –  (1 hour class) (Instructor Permission Required) Students will continue their parkour training with emphasis on conditioning, advanced techniques, and circuits.  The overall form of their movements will be critiqued and improved.  Students will be able to create new movement, adapt to unique environments, and link together basic skills in longer runs. Finally, students will gain a better understanding of Parkour’s origins and philosophies.  This level will also include the free running side to parkour which includes tumbling, flipping. They will also learn how to add ones own personal style into their movement to make your own way of movement and become the athlete you've always wanted to become! 



All classes begin August 4th.  The gym will be closed August 2nd + August 3rd.


4:30-5:30pm:  Level 1/2



5:30-6:30pm:  Level 1/2


  Parkour Pricing:

1 Class Per Week = $75.00/Month

2 Classes Per Week = $130.00/Month 

REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS / NOTES- To register, please email or call 480.895.2045. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. We do not provide make up classes or refunds to those who registered and were unable to attend. No exceptions. There will be a registration fee for new athletes in the amount of $35.00 (good for one year) along with a signed registration form that is due prior to attending any of the classes listed above. All athletes enrolled in our monthly classes require a signed agreement & credit card form to be on file prior to participation.